Kolokithokeftedes Rezepte

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    • Kolokithokeftedes Rezepte

      Logisch die besten gibt es im Meltemi, wer aber nich gerade aus Frankfurt kommt fuer den kann es nicht schaden auch ein Rezept zu haben. Auf dieses hier bin ich aus Zufall gestossen:

      Zucchini und Kartoffeln raspeln, salzen und etwa 20 Minuten stehen lassen.....danach die zucchini/kartoffelraspeln mit der Hand gut zusammen drücken. (Der Saft muss raus!)

      Fetakäse in minikleine Stücke schneiden oder zerbröseln, frische Minze und Pfeffer dazu geben. mit der Hand zu Bällchen formen , in Mehl wenden und im Olivenöl frittieren.

      Wer das in der Pfanne hinbekommt, um so besser!

      hier noch eines, etwas umfangreicher und komplizierter:

      The Recipe

      This recipe serves who knows how many. It depends what else you put on the table. But it’s going to give you about twelve keftedes that are about the size of a decent burger, or bifteki.

      zucchini balls

      1 big tomato
      1 medium onion
      1 potato, again medium sized
      1 large carrot
      1 teacup breadcrumbs, finely ground
      1 teacup flour
      1 egg (getting tired of these 1’s yet?)
      A generous chunk of feta cheese
      Parsley, fresh and chopped, salt and pepper. Don’t forget that the feta is salty too.
      Paprika is a good addition if you like a little spice

      Wash and peel the vegetables, leave skin on the tomato, as it will be grated.

      Grate the courgettes, tomato, onion and carrot into a colander that is standing inside a large mixing bowl. This allows excess water to drain away. Crumble the feta cheese into the mix.

      Begin to work the ingredients together by hand, carefully, not to lose any over the sides of the collander. Once done, lift out the colander, empty the bowl of liquid and transfer the contents of colander to bowl. Now break the egg into the bowl and add the feta, chopped herbs and salt and pepper. Easy on the salt, the feta is quite salty. Continue to massage the mix between fingers after adding breadcrumbs and, more slowly, flour. Turmeric will be added at this point.

      I love this part, as rough shavings of vegetable matter turn soft beneath and between fingers. The small chunks of feta, flour and breadcrumbs will begin to melt and blend into the liquid, creating a smooth texture. Add a little flour if necessary, but by now you should have a smooth, but not runny, consistency.

      After this, the mix is helped by being allowed to stand in the fridge for an hour, before frying in olive oil. After standing, the mix will ‘leak’ water, so add a bit more flower to return to correct consistency. Scoop out patties with a spoon, and make patties on a floured surface. The level of olive oil in the frying pan should cover half the pattie. Fry in olive oil that is bubbling but not too fiercely, as for fried potatoes. Turn the keftedes once, browning both sides. Finish by placing the kolokithokeftedes on absorbent paper for a minute, then serve with a little yoghurt on the side and maybe a sprig of parsley.

      Kali Orexi!!